2F, No. 76-16, Sec. 2, Minzu Road, Tainan City, Taiwan

TEL.06 228 6066

Tainan traditional lounge for a blissful experience

Stylish spaces, adults with a taste for quality, sophisticated women. There is a moment at Ribbon where you can fall in love with everything. As a traditional Tainan lounge, we look forward to welcoming you with the dignity and hospitality you deserve.


An assortment of products suitable for a soothing space

We have a selection of whiskey, champagne, wine, shochu, and other delicious alcoholic beverages selected by our staff for our customers who love alcohol. Of course, we also have some reasonably recommended bottles available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other needs.


The hospitality of these kind-hearted women

Enjoy a relaxing moment with your close friends, or entertain your important clients or private. Our friendly female staff is looking forward to welcoming you.


System & Fees

We aim to be a lounge that you can trust with your peace of mind...Ribbon is here to provide you with a reasonable fee structure so that you can use our services with peace of mind. This lounge is not a time based lounge. Please take your time and enjoy your stay.

System & Fees

Contact Us & Access Map

7 minutes walk from Tainan Station. Ribbon is located at the intersection of Minzu Road and Zhongshan Road. The lounge on the second floor of the building has a calm atmosphere with high ceilings and indirect lighting, and 12 to 15 women are always available to entertain you. Please feel free to use our lounge for entertaining and relaxing moments with your friends.

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